About the Mobile Developer position

We are looking for a Remote Mobile Android developer who will join our Engineering team to develop and maintain high quality mobile applications. You will also collaborate with other internal teams to develop functional mobile applications and support existing mobile products of our company.

You should have significant experience in mobile development and be able to perform efficiently in a fast-paced environment. We also expect you to be passionate about mobile platforms and translating code into user-friendly apps.

Mobile Developer responsibilities are:

  • Develop and maintain fully functional mobile applications writing clean code following common coding and best practices

  • Create and execute unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions

  • Support the entire application lifecycle, including concept, design, test, release and support phases

  • Retrieve specific requirements and suggest solutions to improve user experience

  • Evaluate and debug mobile applications to optimize their performance

  • Work together with Product Development team to plan new features

  • Oversee the compliance of applications with established quality standards

  • Find and suggest new mobile products, applications and protocols

  • Stay informed about new technology trends, especially new Android OS versions

Mobile Developer requirements are:

  • 2+ years' experience of working on a Mobile Developer position

  • Published applications on the App store or the Android market

  • Understanding of the Android application life cycle and its application in Activities and Fragments

  • Experience with Dependency Injection in Android (Dagger + Hilt)

  • Solid experience with Java or Kotlin (Code base is written in Kotlin)

  • Experience integrating with REST services and using frameworks such as OkHTTP, Retrofit and Volley

  • Understanding of concurrency and experience with Kotlin Coroutines

  • Experience with data persistence via Room, Shared Preferences, etc.

  • Understanding of MVC patterns and use of Android ViewModels and LiveData

  • Experience building layouts with both XML and Jetpack Compose

  • Good experience with third-party libraries and APIs (Google maps, Firebase, Room, etc.)

  • Good knowledge of OOP design principles

  • Strong analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude

  • Strong teamwork skills with ability to perform well in a dynamic environment